JAAS MAX 9D interactive Cinegames….is an unique highly advanced technological product of virtual reality and the truly newest in multidimensional cinema being brought first time in India by JAAS LIFESTYLES & AMUSEMENT PVT LTD , a company run by young and highly motivated die to hard professionals, who aim to setup large chain of 9D interactive cinegame centres and other amusement ride zone over the next three years in different cities of India and abroad.

This is an indoor thrill ride that will change the way you think of indoor amusement rides forever get ready for the experience of a lifetime with this all new 9D technology. You have never experienced a cinema / game like this with its virtual realms, surround sound, high precision electrical dynamic motion seats, arc cinemascope screen.

JAAS MAX LAZER is also an unique highly advanced challenging laser technology game to sharpen everyones NINJA skill by twisting tuckling or crawling through the web of lasers without being zapped by it that too by scoring high and beating clock


To touch 3 million customers through its products and services over next 3 years and regularly introduce new , innovative & profitable entertainment experience and related amusement /simulation gaming product.


Our vision is to bring the latest technologies to India as and when its released as well as setting up own R & D division for creative innovation and development.


Our Motto is to bring new technology at the price which is affordable to the mass society to enjoy the latest technologically advanced entertainment tools including 9D cinegames.

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